Crescendo FAQs

What are the dimensions of the blocks that need to be picked and placed?

The dimensions of the block are 10cm * 10cm * 8cm.

Q: What is the diameter and weight of the ball that is needed to be picked and placed?

The diameter of the ball is 4cm and the weight of the ball is the same as a golf ball that is 45.93 grams.

Q: What has to be done in the tunnel-shaped structure?

The bot has to pick the block placed inside the tunnel while balancing itself at the appropriate height and then have to put it to the place marked in the facing tunnel.

Q.How does the ball (placed on a fixed block) have to be launched?

The ball has to be launched using the block placed near to it. This block has an appropriate shape which, when properly oriented and pushed will launch the ball. There will be negative points if the ball is launched in any other way.

Q: What is the height from the base of the arena at which the ball is placed?

The ball is placed at a height of 9 cm from the base of the arena.

Q: Is it important to get the green block out of cave, if we can manage with the blocks provided outside the cave?

Yes, opening the gate will provide points to the team and the same goes for removing the each block out of cave. Also more are the blocks in the pit, more is the stability for bot to traverse the pit.

Q: What is to be done on the stage which is near to the start of the first round?

The bot first needs to climb that stage in such a way that it’s extendable gripper is facing the gray rotatable obstacle. Then the bot has to extend it’s gripper in order to push the surface right in front of it thus rotating the lower part of the gray rotatable obstacle, which was acting as an obstacle for white ball which is to be initiated in the second round.

Q: What are the angles at which slopes will be oriented?

The angle of any of the slope provided will be less than 20 degrees.

Q: What is the shape of the gap provided in round 1

The shape of the gap is trapezoidal which is to be filled by placing the green trapezoidal blocks in that gap.

Q: What is the restriction on motor specifications?

The motors for running the robot cannot exceed 200 RPM. High torque motors can be used and there is no lower limit on the RPM of the motor.

Q: What is the maximum number of participants per team?

There can be a maximum of four participants per team. However, there is no constraint of participants being from the same college or the same year of study, etc.

Q: Can one participant be in multiple teams?

Yes, one participant can take part in multiple teams.

Q: What will be the power supply?

Team Robotix will provide a standard 220V, 50 Hz AC supply. The participants must bring their own adapters. If the participants wish to use high torque motors, they can. However, they have to ensure that no two points on the bot can have a potential difference of more than 24V.

Q: Can the robot be wired?

Yes, the robot can be wired or wireless. But the wires must be sufficiently long so that they do not obstruct or disrupt the maneuvering of the bot in any manner as this might lead to negative marks or even disqualification.

Q: How to register?

The registrations will begin soon.

Q: What does the base score mean?

It is the score that is awarded to each participant before the start of the run.

Q: What is the time limit for each round?

For the first round, the time limit is 5 minutes, and the second round is 7 minutes.

Q: How many members per team can control the robot

Two members per team can control the robot simultaneously, who will remain the same throughout the run of the robot. That stands for both rounds.

Q: Can members swap during the ongoing round itself?

No, once a member(s) of the team takes control of the robot, the same members have to carry out the run till the end.

Q: Can servo motors be used in the bot?

Yes, they can be used. However, the participants must use IC555 to operate the servo motors and not the Arduino or any other microcontroller.

Q: Can we make changes in the bot during the event

This is strictly prohibited and can lead to a disqualification that is completely under the discretion of Team Robotix.

Q: Can we repair the bot if it gets damaged during the event?

Yes, but no changes can be made to the bot during the procedure and can lead to disqualification if any changes are discovered.

Q: If two teams end on a tie, what will happen?

There will be a tiebreaker round in such a case. The final decision will, however, be taken by Team Robotix and will be final and binding.