MATLAB Working Environment


The Matlab Desktop is the main Matlab application window. The desktop has five sub-windows, the Command window, the Workspace Browser, the Current Directory Window, the Command History window, and one or more figure windows which are shown only when the user displays a graphic.

The Command Window is where  you type in Matlab commands and expressions at the prompt (») and where the output of your command will be displayed. The workspace is a set of variables you have created in a work session. The Workspace Browser will show these variables and some information about them. Double click on a variable in the Browser and the Array Editor gets launched, which can be used to obtain information and sometimes edit properties of the variable.

The Current Folder window, as its name suggests, displays the contents of the directory pointed to be the path in the Current Directory Toolbar. It is pretty simply to understand and use.

The Command History window contains a list of commands a user has entered recently in the Command Window, including both current and previous Matlab sessions. A command can be selected and re-used by right clicking on it which launches a menu to select various options in addition to executing the command.